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anachronous formalisms & architectural fictions : supple geometry
design-build collaboration in Bangkok, Thailand

A collaborative design-build project with William O’ Brien Jr, Assistant Professor of Architecture at the MIT School of Architecture + Planning; conducted at the International Program in Design + Architecture (INDA), Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

An investigation into architectural form-making, digital methodologies and hands-on fabrication culminated in a public installation of a large-scale, architectural object–a suspended, conical-shaped beacon–at the Church of Santa Cruz River Ferry Pier in the Kadeejeen Community, Thonburi, Thailand.

The beacon comprises nine overlapping & interlocking tiers of resin cast shingles; each individual tier with a number of modular shingles unique to its own. Nine full-scale shingle prototypes are digitally-fabricated for silicone mold fabrication; the modular shingle units are subsequently cast in translucent resin.

Periodic rises and falls of the tides at the River Ferry Pier facilitate dramatic & dynamic site conditions that define ephemeral relationships between the observers and the illuminated observed. Gravitational force induces deformation of the lower tiers, transforming a rigid geometry into a gentle, supple one.

For more information please visit anachronous formalisms & architectural fictions website

collaborator William O’ Brien Jr
host International Program in Design + Architecture (INDA), Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
completed summer 2014
team Jariyaporn Prachasartta, Eakapob Huangthanapan, Ekasit Worawiwat, Jane Chongsuwat, Jinapa Sanyong, Leampanarai Vatapukkana, Panitnan Patanayindee, Pattera Chantrasuriyarat, Pimmada Wongwisetsuk, Ployratsamee Thammajindawong, Supakrit Wongviboonsin, Sansern Prapa-apirat, Suthida Lertpanichphan, Thitiporn Trithepvilai, Vasawat Dulyavit
production consultant Voravanna Tonkul
special thanks to Somsak Kruesanit and Department of Industrial Design, 
Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand; Vorachai Pilasrom and the Kadeejeen Neighborhood

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