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isan saucerscape

renovation of a 4,000 sqm commercial floor space of a long-established shopping mall in the northeastern province of khon kaen, thailand. the face-lift operation primarily targeted the existing ceiling plane + plenum space, creating a new ceilingscape that masks the haphazard appearance of the existing ductwork, and occasionally gravitates downward to form column covers. ceiling-suspended, welded steel conical units of various shapes and dimensions make reference to the crafty work of the local bamboo weaving villagers; all units including the full-scale mock-ups were fabricated locally. crisscrossing strips of fluorescent light animate the public and circulation areas and unify the suspended ceilingscape.

client Tukcom Khon Kaen
location khon kaen, thailand
size 4,000 sqm
completed 2013
credit Payap Pakdeelao (research & conceptual design)

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